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Advanced Web Attacks And Exploitation Download




The reviews include both practical and theoretical elements. Both web application security knowledge and practical security techniques are required in order to be successful. This course will be focused on applying these skills and techniques to build a virtual lab environment, and test the efficiency and effectiveness of these techniques. The course is based on both a practical and theoretical approach, and will cover both vulnerability analysis and exploitation using red team techniques. The course will also cover security policies and code reviews. The theoretical part of the course will be based on relevant web security resources, on real projects used as a teaching tool and on hands-on exercises. The practical part will be based on a white box testing methodology that will allow students to test web applications against real vulnerabilities. 4.1. Objectives {#sec4.1} --------------- This course is intended to be an advanced and practical web security course that will provide students with a solid foundation in web application security as well as the skills needed to perform web application security assessments. The target audience is IT professionals and web application security specialists as well as security officers. Students should be able to perform advanced web application security assessments in a practical setting. Students will learn how to identify and exploit critical security issues and vulnerabilities in web applications, how to perform advanced web application security assessments, how to write custom scripts, attack vectors and lateral movements. The course will also cover the basic security policies and code reviews. 4.2. Outline of the Course {#sec4.2} -------------------------- The course will be organized in eight modules that will be presented as lectures and hands-on exercises: (1) Security Policies and Code Reviews, (2) Exploit Mitigations, (3) Dynamic Testing, (4) Client-Side Exploitation, (5) Information Gathering, (6) Web Application Firewall, (7) Server-Side Vulnerability Analysis, (8) Client-Side Exploitation and (9) Information Gathering and Lateral Movement. A specific lecture will be dedicated to each of the subjects covered in the course. Each lecture will contain a review of the fundamentals, a theoretical approach, practical examples and tips and tricks. The practical sessions will be organized in the form of hands-on exercises that will be executed in a lab using a virtual machine and tools available in this course. In the course, students will perform a security assessment and penetration test on a remote server. The assessment will consist of the following steps: (1) Identify vulnerabilities and threats




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Advanced Web Attacks And Exploitation Download

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